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Goals & Values

Our North Stars – Beyond the commitment to grow food, we all know there are complex considerations related to farming and land management.



Net Positive Impact

Leave the land, our customers, and our community better than when we got here.


Systems Approach

Create an interdependent system focused on maximum outputs, such as produce and livestock, with minimum purchased inputs especially finances and sourced fertility.

Riverweb’s hay fields have been certified organic for over a decade. Our crops, which started in 2015, are in process of certification through MOFGA as of 2016. We borrow principles and practices from Organic agriculture, Permaculture, Agroforestry and Biodynamic farming.

At Riverweb, the goal is decidedly not just to grow organic vegetables; we are mixing the best of multiple farm practices to create an interconnected, integrity-based system guided by a group of core values.

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Food Independence

Have the potential to feed all farm employees and their families a diversified diet that can make up the majority of their consumed calories 

Meet our People

Value #1


All spaces and activities feel inviting and nourishing for people, crops, livestock and guests.

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Value #2


Ability to maintain production in the face of challenge and changes in areas including but not limited to weather, pests, diseases markets, people, and finance.


Value #3


To be a learning organization. A recognition that we never have all the answers and to consistently strive to do things better through learning, exploration, study, experimentation and play.

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