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“The easiest way to grow is to surround yourself with people smarter than you are.”


Jos Thalheimer

Things changed when I moved to Maine in the summer of 2012. I previously had a full life in New York City, where I founded and managed a variety of philanthropic projects, and earned a Masters Degree from NYU in Social Work, Public Administration, and Non-Profit Management. And yet, I knew I needed a more sustainable, self-sufficient life, framed by learning and giving back.  

In Maine, my passion for good food, farmer’s markets, cooking, and organic farming took hold, and I began to develop an early vision for Riverweb: a land-based existence that we could build with our hands and share with our community. With a humbling scarcity of farming knowledge, I explored a variety of possibilities for how to grow food and manage land—through first-hand experience, rigorous research, and with the guidance of a talented team. This quest for understanding helped define Riverweb’s practical and philosophical mission:   A place dedicated to exploring the natural world through sustainable food production and thoughtful land use.   

Every day I am here I fall even more in love with Riverweb. Every time I look at the plans I am inspired by what this place will become. I know that Riverweb’s journey is just beginning and it will unfold over decades. I am slowly and deliberately uncovering an understanding of the land and learning how to create a set of interdependent resilient systems that meet a set of ambitious goals within our steadfast values.


Adrian Wadsworth

Adrian first partnered as a real estate broker to find and purchase the Riverweb property, but now serves as important part of the planning and operations team.



As a full-service brand development agency, BUROKO serves as a trusted companion to Riverweb, helping to establish their vision and voice in the community.

Ashleigh Burskey – COO
Kathleen Okolita – CTO


Richardson & Associates

Richardson & Associates developed Riverweb’s schematic master plan, with consideration of circulation, influence of farm functionality, daily operations, dynamic farm systems and natural resources.

Todd Richardson – Principal
David Maynes – Project Manager & Designer
Melissa Poulin – Project Designer


Robert Thorndike II

Rob is a licensed professional forester who continues to play a major role in transforming Riverweb’s land according to best management practices.


Ross Cram & Upright Frameworks

Ross and his crew manage and renovate all buildings and general farm infrastructure associated with Riverweb, leveraging construction expertise to provide important recommendations on the potential use and safety of existing structures.  


Main-Land Land Development Consultants, Inc

With engineers, soil scientists, geologists, and site evaluators, the Main-Land team plays a key role in Riverweb’s land use planning and development, assisting in a multi-disciplinary approach that includes: natural resource and soil mapping, basemap and plan drafting/development, regulatory compliance planning and water supply needs development.   

Robert L. Berry III – Owner/President
Kenneth G. Stratton – Soil & Wetland Scientist, Site Evaluator
Scott R. Dixon – Geology & Hydrology Expert, Project Manager, Site Evaluator
Esther K. Bizier – Staff Engineer, Project Manager

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A land-based existence that we could build with our hands and share with our community.


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