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Our Beginnings – In many ways, Riverweb began when founder Jos Thalheimer moved to Maine in the summer of 2012, driven by the desire to live in closer alignment with his values of sustainability, self-sufficiency, and everlasting learning.


The Beginnings

It was in Maine that Jos’ passion for good food, farmer’s markets, cooking, and sustainable farming truly took hold. As this commitment to the best-tasting, most nutritious food grew, so too did the early vision for Riverweb.

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A land-based existence that we could build with our hands and share with our community.


With a humbling scarcity of farming knowledge, Jos explored a variety of possibilities for how to grow food and manage land—through first-hand experience, rigorous research, and with the guidance of a talented team.

This quest for understanding helped define Riverweb’s practical and philosophical mission:

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A place dedicated to exploring the natural world through sustainable food production and thoughtful land use.


Purpose Meets Place

The application of Riverweb’s mission is extremely place-specific. As Riverweb’s land is developed, the force of natural resources and the landscape itself dictates the agriculture, cultural, and experiential opportunities.

With 500 acres of woods and 150 acres of open fields, Riverweb includes areas of steep, rocky slopes, parcels of flat fields of prime farmland, and sections of wetlands. Together the land ranges in elevation from just over 500 feet by the river to almost 1,400. Throughout the property there is evidence of the past, highlighting the region’s roots in the farming and forestry industries, and the evolving nature of the land.

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Riverweb’s land has supported crops, livestock, orchards, and families for generations.

As previous farmers of the land, families including the Dunham’s, Toothaker’s, Cook’s, Beal’s, and Romanoski’s are an important part of Riverweb’s history. Using every bit of insight and guidance from the past, we hope to create a sustainable and delicious future.


Our Place

Located just off Route 4 in Avon and Phillips, at the heart of the Sandy River Valley, Riverweb is a place with endless opportunity to produce the very best harvest, farm products, and feel-good experiences. Since the first fork struck in 2014, the vision for Riverweb has been hard at work.

Today we can say that Riverweb is a rigorous systems-based farm, focused on interdependencies and equal integrity for the land, plants, animals, environment and people who inhabit and visit the place.

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Better yet, we’re just getting started

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