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Honest. Clean. Respectable.

What happens at Riverweb is not about achieving the minimum requirements for an organic label. We are producing the most delicious nutrient dense food, with the least amount of impact on the land, and the greatest level of care for our employees.


Systems Inspired


Our farm production integrates with surrounding natural systems, patterns, and processes to the greatest extent possible. 

We blend a variety of systems-based techniques in a custom approach for building resiliency, by expanding and contracting the farms functionality, energy flows, inputs, and outputs over time.

One part of the farm flows into the other. Waste is minimized. The loop is closed.

Riverweb’s goal is to create and support a more diverse and dynamic ecosystem than what exists currently in the landscape. Which lends perfectly to the best-for-you produce and farm products.




Riverweb seeks to sustain local communities with the highest quality farm produce and products, though we also understand that farming and sustainable land use can be about more than great food.

With commitments to education, visitation, philanthropy, and artist residency, Riverweb enables others to better understand and appreciate—

The world around them.
The food they consume.
The way they treat themselves, peers, and the natural land.

Visitors can come to Riverweb to see, touch, taste, smell, and hear the farm at work.

Come for a visit now, and keep in touch as we expand to offer additional experiences and amenities, including trails, events, and overnight stays.

visiting riverweb



Following a robust assessment of Riverweb’s landscape and resources, we better understand how the land itself dictates the agricultural, cultural, and visitor experiences.

All land planning was made according to our commitments and values, and in context of the surrounding culture to ensure that we’re also rooted in geographical, cultural, and historical contexts.


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